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5th JULY 2016

Matt Roper

Since we launched our new Think, Act and Deliver presentation training portfolio about a year ago, the presentation experts that deliver our training have never been so busy.  It could be down to timing, a recent study by IDC showed that skills and proficiency in programmes such as PowerPoint are high on the wanted list of today’s recruiters.

With demand high, our trusty team have been wowing delegates with a range of presentation skills and insider tricks both here in the UK and overseas. 

Repeat business has gone through the roof, feedback has been great, and the Air Miles have been building very nicely.  So far, so as per the business plan for this presentation design company…

One interesting lesson learned has been around our technical training suite (collectively known as ‘Presentation Technology’) although you might think of it as advanced PowerPoint Training… anyway what we’ve discovered is…

Training people purely on how to do more in PowerPoint or Prezi doesn’t work.

Of course, after some short consideration this is blindingly obvious… 

Bad presentations aren’t bad because the creator isn’t very good at PowerPoint. They are poor because they have no structure, messages are mixed, the audience isn’t considered, I could go on and on here… AND the creator didn’t know how to use PowerPoint.

Making someone more efficient at creating bad presentations still leaves you with a bad presentation (albeit beautifully aligned and colour scheme compliant ).

Nope – to make technical Prezi or advanced PowerPoint training powerful, the new skills need to be put into context. 

Eyeful’s presentation training is based on the three stages of presentation creation, Think, Act and Deliver is the modular equivalent of the step by step process every great presentation goes through in its creation.

As you can see ‘Presentation Technology’ is way over to the right…

Getting fancy new PowerPoint or Prezi skills and becoming a better presentation designer is important, but it’s just one part of the puzzle when it comes to creating GREAT PRESENTATIONS.  The slides are NOT the presentation – they are merely there to provide visual support to aid presenters in the task of sharing their message*

So with this blindingly obvious discovery in mind, we decided to change our own technical training days by adding a short ‘Think Act & Deliver Differently’ section to kick off each technical training day.  It allowed delegates to understand WHY being more proficient at PowerPoint or Prezi could help improve the impact of presentations (hint – it has nothing to do with clever transitions and everything to do with sharing valuable content in a visual way). 

We’ve found that half the battle is getting people to shed the bad habits they’ve built up over decades of PowerPoint tweaking.  Once we’ve got people thinking differently, the value and impact of the technical training multiplies exponentially.

The good news is that by putting these new technical skills into context, we’re not only helping delegates see the bigger presentation picture but also embedding this knowledge so it hangs around a lot longer (thus meeting those oh-so-hard-to-measure ROI requirements incumbent on all training).    

A report by 24x7 Learning, “Workplace Learning – 2015”, pointed to a paltry 12% of learners applying new trained skills to their job. So, rather than have people leave the Eyeful Lab with heads full of short cuts and clever PowerPoint wizardry, we wanted   to equip them with skills to use PowerPoint or Prezi to deliver more powerful presentations in their jobs.  It seems to be working:

"From the start of the process when I asked for someone to call me, to the actual training itself and the follow-up emails from Luke, it's been a marvellous experience. If only all companies were as helpful and easy to deal with!"

Operations Coordinator, International TV and Broadband Company

So if you’re shopping around for some Prezi skills or technical PowerPoint training, we’re here to help (and we’d love the opportunity).  BUT please let us put the new skills into context for the simple reason that the world doesn’t need another generation of super-efficient but ultimately clueless PowerPoint robots.

* If you’re still not convinced, ask yourself this simple question – what do you want your audience to remember 2 days after your presentation?  Your clearly defined message or how fancy your PowerPoint animations were?  Thought so… 

To learn more about Eyeful’s suite of training solutions, click here or better still, get in touch and let us know what your business is looking for.