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4 AUGUST 2016

Matt Roper

Most of the PowerPoint presentation designs that we create for our clients and indeed the majority of the presentation training we deliver is to the B2B sector. So it’s been extremely refreshing to see a college take an interest in improving their educational presentations.

Simon Morton, the CEO of Eyeful Presentations, recently made the trip to Hartpury College to deliver a version of Eyeful’s 'Think, Act & Deliver Presentations Differently' presentation training.

Simon said: “It was lovely and quite a refreshing experience to be asked to speak at Hartpury College’s Teaching and Learning Conference, and to actually have the opportunity to help with the development of the lecturers and teachers at the college. I’m a strong believer in the importance of young people being properly educated in all aspects of presentations – especially in the area of messaging and structure. So my thanks go to the college for this opportunity.” Simon Morton

Simon’s seminar kicked off Hartpury’s teaching and learning conference to 65 lecturers and teachers, who all received some of the ideas and concepts from Simon's acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab, This strongly focussed on the 3 key stages of presentation creation.

Kate Mori, Hartpury’s Head of Teaching and Learning of Higher Education said,

“Simon is an internationally recognised expert on presentation skills and a high-calibre speaker so we were extremely lucky to have secured him for our event. The feedback from the session has been terrific!  Staff really enjoyed it and I think feel liberated to ditch a squillion slides, and concentrate on the message.”

If you have an event up-coming and would like Simon to attend and share some of his renowned presentation expertise, just give Olivia Walsh a call on 01455 826390…