Eyeful Advance is a bespoke
service that applies our years of
Presentation Optimisation experience
to any out of the ordinary ‘special projects’
for companies large and small.

In short, Eyeful Advance is our answer to the more
challenging questions modern businesses are now posing.

Over the years we’ve built some incredibly strong and
trusted relationships with some of the biggest names
in the world. When trust reaches these levels,
it’s only natural that our clients turn to us for
requirements that are out of the ordinary.

Our approach to such requests is a serious review
and an honest response on whether we can or cannot
deliver this request to a level consistent with our
high standards and hard earned reputation.

To date the mix of Presentation Optimisation coupled with
Eyefulocity has brought unprecedented success to our Advance clients.

For example, one of the largest financial organisations in the world
recently asked us to design a series of dynamic infographics after their
usual agency had failed to deliver the results they required. We took a step back,
applied some Eyeful thinking and created content and design that has found it's way
across the organisation, social media and press (WSJ & FT to name drop).

Another example is that of a large sales enablement project. From the creation of a
showcase tablet app for their global sales team through to implementing an
enterprise-wide cloud solution to provide control and flexibility across their collateral.
This complex project required a highly strategic vision coupled with practical
insight and maintaining a close eye on ROI objectives. Eyeful Advance
delivered the project, fully operational across the enterprise,
on deadline and on budget.

This is just a couple of examples of how Eyeful Advance can help
you with projects outside of our core PowerPoint
presentation design