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31AUGUST 2016

Matt Roper

Our thanks go to everyone who attended the 2016 Eyefulpalooza at Eyeful Towers, we hope you had a fantastic time!

A HUGE thanks also goes to our customers and friends who didn’t manage to make it, but still dug deep for our fantastic charity, Alzheimer’s Society…

To beat last year’s grand total is a great achievement and we couldn’t have done it without all of your donations…

We must also say a big thank you to the dedicated and hardworking Eyefulpalooza organisers Harri and Chris…

“Chris and I would like to thank everyone involved in this year’s event, whether that be buying or selling raffle tickets, donating to the cause, providing the catering, tending to the BBQ, helping with the event on Friday or just coming along to fill your face. Every penny we’ve made will be sent to the Alzheimer’s Society to be spent on an extremely worthwhile cause.”

The current total stands at £671 (at the time of writing) but, it’s never too late to donate and it couldn’t be for a better cause – so please do join us in our fight against dementia and donate here...