Our specialist consultants will become your presentation guides as we take
you on a journey towards the perfect Tablet, Prezi, Whiteboard, Video or
PowerPoint presentation design. .

We provide powerful presentation solutions all over the globe, with Eyeful
HQ, the home of the Presentation Lab, residing in leafy surroundings at the
heart of the UK. This is where we can immerse you here in all things Eyeful,
connecting you with all the experience and knowledge that we have to offer and
giving you a thorough grounding in the modern world of
PowerPoint presentation design.


If logistics don't allow, we will drive,
fly or paddle to your office,because at this
stage it's important to meet you, understand you
and make a plan with you for getting your message
to your audience in the most effective possible way.

It's about taking the ideas and direction from the
Presentation Lab book
and building these into your new
collateral; creating you a strong, effective and
engaging new presentation.


Your optimised presentation will
achieve connection, attention and retention
for your audience, allowing you to communicate
effectively, whether you are delivering a sales pitch,
a piece of training or an internal meeting.


Whatever the end goal, results are now realistic.

Presentation Optimisation™
is attained through these three steps…