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Matt Roper
Key Message Headline – A Powerful Presentation Structure

If you’re a keen follower of all things Eyeful you might have recently heard Eyeful’s founder Simon Morton discussing a concept called Key Message Headline in last week’s webinar, The Technical Lab Surgery…

Key Message Headline is a great presentation structure that you won’t find on any old generic advanced PowerPoint training courses, as it’s all about presentation structure and messaging.

We can’t claim to have invented the concept, as you'll find it used in journalism, education and in wider business communication.

What we have done, however, is develop it further into a very powerful 7 slide presentation structure. Applying the model in this way provides you with an invaluable process for taking a particularly complicated presentation topic and breaking it down into a simple structure that will keep your story, message and proposition clear to your audience.

Remember, confused audiences don’t take action…

Key Message Headline is all about focussing your presentation’s content into 3 clearly defined areas…

Define what ‘new state’ you want to communicate with your audience, be that a change, an idea or vision. 

This is where you give your big introduction…

This is how it works, what makes it special and it’s how you’re going to achieve whatever it is your proposing.

Explain how this ‘new state’ is going to come about.  What measures need to be in place to deliver your change?

The how section is your chance to back up your idea and really drive home to the audience that it has legs, is realistic and, most importantly, achievable.

The reason for the ‘new state’.  In short, the benefits associated with your message.  Where possible, make these benefits audience centric (although this is not a prerequisite!) 

This is where you can go to town on the problems that the audience are currently having before explaining in no uncertain terms that your idea, product, or service is the answer to their problems…

It’s where you can paint the picture of the future and show your audience just how positively impacted they will be if they follow your call to action…

Download The Eyeful Guide To Key Message Headline Here


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By focusing your presentation planning on these 3 areas and encasing them in our 7-slide structure, you will be following a tried and tested process which will turn a potentially confusing presentation into one that is clear, engaging and understood by your audience…

We’d love to know if you use this structure and how you get on, so please let us know!