An Eyeful designer's mind can be a deep
and wondrous place. Every so often we set them
free from their proverbial corporate leashes and let them
go a little wild and sit back in awe of the results. These
range from the ridiculous to the absolutely sublime
- if you need a little inspiration, from outside
of the box, then this is the place to be.


Hannah was inspired by stop motion animation to try and bring our very own Presentation Lab Book to life. All the animation was created in PowerPoint and uses a little Labs magic to bring their book illustrations to life.

The result is both captivating and quirky and about as far away from Death By PowerPoint as it is possible to be.


Lorna chose to demonstrate just how effective simplicity can be. Avoiding the temptation to use every trick in the book, Lorna produced a seemingly simple piece that still has great impact.

In the best Eyeful style Lorna worked to create a narrative and consider audience needs well before firing up PowerPoint to bring it all to life.


Jack took inspiration from
a client project that involved using
hover triggers (rather than click
through) to access different
information. Once Jack got playing with this functionality he decided to see just how far he could go and created Lil Phil (based on another member of our crack
design team Phil Evans).

Jack created the visuals in Illustrator but the functionality and interaction is all from existing PowerPoint capability.

We’ve included a video to show you how it works and the playable PowerPoint file can be downloaded here *


Lorna set out to see just how far PowerPoint could be pushed as an animation tool and in deference to one of her all-time favourite comedy shows 'The IT Crowd' she created The Eyeful Crowd - a tongue in cheek look behind the scenes at Eyeful Towers.

So here we all are - fighting the good fight against failing presentations – enjoy!


Hannah was inspired by a
piece called Sensology and set
about creating something that would visualise the inner workings of a computer to illustrate the technology that goes into every Eyeful presentation. Hannah created this in Illustrator and PowerPoint and used video layering techniques to bring the visual and audio elements together in perfect harmony.


Hannah was inspired by an
animation created by Apple.  “It made me wonder if this kind of animation would be possible in PowerPoint using motion paths. So I decided to create something in the same style but make it about Eyeful. In particular I experimented with using PowerPoint animation over embedded video clips".

"Everything in this piece was 100% created by me in PowerPoint.” Hannah.