Eyeful Presentations was founded in 2004
with a simple mission; to give people who
needed help with their presentations a place to go.

Over the last decade (and a bit) we’ve grown up and
evolved from simply making PowerPoints look better; we’ve
learned about presentations, the science, the importance of
structure and how to use story to aid memory.

We’ve basically done our degree, masters and doctorate in presentations.

Everything that we’ve learned, all the knowledge we now possess, is the blood
that flows through Eyeful Presentations.

This is embodied in The Presentation Lab book and at our HQ in the form of
The Eyeful Labs, a place where you can literally immerse yourself into the
theories and ideas contained within the covers.

So whether you buy the book, or book into the Labs themselves.
This is your opportunity to learn from true presentation
experts and absorb what’s needed to start crafting your
own successful presentation stories.

Here’s some of the buzz on the internet…


“Morton homes in on what is undoubtedly
the core business of today’s ‘presentations’ - how
to construct engaging messaging using storytelling
and conversational styles that suit the audience and
situation you are dealing with at a particular time…”

Marc Beishon,
Winning Edge Magazine



“What makes this book useful is that it gives more detail about how to
tell a story in the most compelling way possible for a presentation
format. To do this, Morton has broken presentation-crafting into
three main sections: understanding your audience, crafting
the right content, and delivering it in a variety of scenarios.”

Jennifer Watkiss,
head of marketing communications, Adestra



“This is an excellent book that has the potential to dramatically
improve the effectiveness of one’s presentations.”

Nolan Haims,
founder of Presentyourstory.com



Audience Heat Maps, which are a way to
‘work out’ your audience. This then aids you
in developing a story idea that will successfully convey your presentation messages to your specific audience.


The Audience Pathway adds structure to your story, helping you to properly engage
with your audience.


The Presentation Lab shines a light on The Power
of Visuals
through the, easily overlooked, power of visual subtext – inspiring you to create
visuals with real meaning.


A ‘one size fits all’ presentation belongs in one place
only – the bin. The Presentation Landscape explains
the formal or informal arena that today’s presenters
find themselves in and the tools at their disposal;
the presentation equivalent of how to avoid
taking your ski’s to the Bahamas and
your snorkel to the Alps.



It's time to think outside of the PowerPoint
box and deliver a Blended Presentation.

This is where you might start your presentation
in PowerPoint, move to Prezi, deliver handouts, before
returning to PowerPoint – the technology you use, and when you
use it, is as wide and varied as your presentation story.

These are just a few of the musings from all our years
of experience, to get a taste of what the book is like, you can
download the first chapter for free or take
the next step in presentation evolution
by buying the entire book now…