Let’s cut to the chase, sales presentations
are about getting results – we know it, you know it,
your audience knows it.

Like the proverbial knight in shining armour
though, we know the secret to turning a
failing sales presentation into an asset that
your team will be chomping at the
bit to use at every opportunity.


Of all the presentation forms, the sales presentation
is possibly the most hotly debated within a business. The sales force
(understandably) sees it as their tool; marketing folks see it as a piece of
branded collateral and the product team members are anxious to ensure
it has the most up-to-date information in place. Add to that opinion and
influence from the legal team and the CEO, and you have the perfect storm.
This is one of the main reasons most sales presentations fail at delivering their
objective; rather than providing a clear and structured argument for buying,
they stumble around between braggadocio and confusing the audience
with overly complex facts, figures and product features.

The Presentation Lab

Eyeful is here to hold your hand
and navigate the pitfalls of a so-so sales
presentation. We'll maximise your ROI and help you
achieve sales success by working with you to truly
understand and guage the needs of your audience. We'll
then create a presentation that delivers your message in the
most powerful and engaging way possible.

Tools range from traditional PowerPoint through to interactive tablet
decks and whiteboard visuals - whatever the right solution, we'll ensure
you go into battle better prepared than ever.

For more in-depth ponderings download our Sales Enablement whitepaper here.