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Matt Roper

I am tired. Very tired.

I really love my job here at Eyeful, Europe’s leading PowerPoint presentation design company, but boy was I ready for a break last week.

Today’s my first day back in the office after a ‘relaxing’ week in Cornwall with my wife Mel and our two-and-a-half year old son Jack.

Obviously when I say relaxing, I mean utterly shattering.
Unfortunately, the time seems to have come for Mel and I to wave goodbye to relaxing holidays where we lay around a sun drenched pool enjoying a good book…

…and say hello to UK holidays where Jack gets to have the most fun! Yep, Feastival has been already been booked for 2017 and a first ever trip to Centreparcs is currently under negotiation. Really? A holiday in Nottingham?

Once upon a time a wise person once told me, the baby fits in with your life, it doesn’t dictate what you do…

They. Were. Lying.

Even if it’s boiling hot outside and Jack says he wants his hoody on, I put it on… because the alternative ear-splitting, glass-shattering, 9.9 on the Richter Scale screaming is simply not worth it.

So last week we went on a road trip to the lovely harbour village of Padstow, instead of worrying about a toddler with sunburn, heat-related ultra-crankiness or potential malnutrition from a lack of Chicken Nugget intake…

Padstow is, of course, famous for it’s many high quality Rick Stein restaurants, of which we went to, erm… none! High-quality fine dining in the evening with an overtired toddler and breakable plates are simply no longer an option.

When it came to trips out we also had to do things Jack would enjoy such as seeing Lion’s in Newquay Zoo (where I found out that I weigh the same as a Panda – awesome).

When the rain stopped we played on the beach and got sand in unspeakable places as we made Jack a world record 75 Sand Castles!

So what’s my holiday got to do with your presentations?

Well, as much as I and Mel are pining for a fortnight of 5-star Mexican luxury, Jack is our highest priority.

And, believe it or now, in some roundabout way my holidays are actually the same as your presentations.

Unfortunately, this is because business presentations suffer from one major flaw – they tend to be woefully generic, one-size-fits-all affairs, that only focus on their own company.

I’m sure you’ve seen it a million times before, slide 1 is the tile slide then it’s straight into where they are based, how many impressive offices they have before you get an identity parade of directors and so on – the audience just isn’t bothered about all of that.

The reality is that you should be giving as much care and attention to your audience’s presentation experience, as we are to Jacks holiday experience…

So, it’s absolutely essential you ditch the generic opening and structure your new audience focussed presentation to address the challenges and issues they are facing – before, explaining how your solution is the answer to their prayers.

Yes, it’s more work.

Yes, it’s harder than you think.

Yes, like me, you’ll be worn out at the end of the process.

But it’ll be worth it! You’ll collapse, satisfied in the knowledge that you did it the right way, your audience will have left after a positive experience… and they’ll be a lot more likely to follow your call to action.

If collapsing in a heap doesn’t sound terribly appealing, but a successful presentation outcome does – then get in touch with Eyeful, as this presentation design company is more than happy to do all the hard work, while you take the glory – it’s what we do!

Sadly, we don’t do childcare – but if we did, it would be great… and I’d use it all of the time!

DISCLAIMER (if my wife is reading)
Jack is not the terror he sounds. He’s an awesome little dude that doesn’t have any more tantrums than any other toddler. To confirm, I really love my son and having children rocks – don’t be put off!