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14 JULY 2016

Matt Roper

Sales Presentations are one of the most popular types of PowerPoint presentation design that we get asked for help with. It’s obvious why, they make a huge difference to the final result of sales meetings and are counted by sales presenters as their most valued piece of collateral…

Which is why this Presentation design company has dedicated an entire podcast to sales presentation advice…

Running Order

0m 58s Article Review: The New Rules of Sales Presentations (& why you must change)

4m 13s Simon reveals where to start when it comes to making a good sales presentation…

5m 07s Discover Eyeful’s Presentation Landscape concept…

7m 50s Article Review: 99 Problems But A Pitch Aint One

9m 55s Eyeful’s Newest Idea Presentation Placemats…

10m 44s Article Review: Infographics – The Saviour of Sales Presentations… or just a step in the right direction?

14m 08s How Eyeful equips our sales people for prospect meetings

16m 56s How can a sales manager arm their team with a Sales Toolkit?

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