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Matt Roper

If it isn’t number 1, it should be in my book. I am so frustrated at the moment.

My wife and I have been saving up for ages for our dream bathroom and it’s not going to plan.

Of course, being the self-confessed PowerPoint geek that I am, I’ve created the layout of the bathroom in an awesome PowerPoint presentation design…

I’m also normally a keen DIYer, and I’m more than happy to try and tackle a lot of the installation work myself.

However, the fact is we have Jack, an energetic 2-year-old little boy who loves to explore potentially dangerous DIY projects… and as much as I think the idea of him running around in a bright yellow hard hat with a toy hammer is quite cute, I’m not to keen on a trip to A&E…

So this lead us to the quite logical conclusion to: pay someone else to do it!

At last! A project where I can put my feet up and relax, all I need to do is make a couple of calls and book the job in – or so I thought…

I started off by asking friends for recommendations, I got a number, left a message. Left another message and another... and had to accept the fact, this builder isn’t calling back…

Undeterred by this minor set-back I decided to post our bathroom project on one of those trade websites – where you post a job and relevant companies will contact you.

After 2 weeks of hearing absolutely nothing, I turned to Google…

I approached one promising company several times via email, and over the phone, each time I got through I was promised a call back… But again – I heard nothing!

What on earth is going on? Do these people not realise I have money I want to spend with them?
I could not believe the lackadaisical approach to a new sales lead that exists. How can any company, in any industry afford to ignore contacting a new lead?

What frustrates me even more is the fact I work for a presentation design company that prides itself on great communication.

If someone is prepared to fill in a contact form and send it to Eyeful, we get back to them within 2 working hours or the following morning, if it arrives outside of hours.

That’s our number 1 rule in sales. If you’re good enough to consider working with us, we won’t only bend over backwards to deliver you a world beating presentation, we’ll also make your project feel as important and special as it is.

To prove my point, here’s some rather lovely recent feedback…

“I spoke to 3 different companies and gave the same information. Eyeful Presentations were heads and shoulders above the rest. Why? Predominantly due to the guy I dealt with being patient, interested, with a great attitude and I had the feeling he wanted our business.

I am the corporate and strategy director for a business travel firm with a strong focus on customer experience, so I am very, very hard to please. I give Eyeful 10/10 for this experience.”

So to put Eyeful to the test just call 01455 826390 or email us and I absolutely, categorically guarantee we will get back to you in a timely fashion.

I’m now off to B&Q wondering, if only Eyeful did bathrooms…