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Matt Roper

Sales presenters consider their PowerPoint presentation design to be their most important asset in a sales engagement – that’s according to the research in our latest business presentation survey.

The challenge with such an important piece of collateral, is ensuring that the structure and design of your sales presentation fully engages the prospect audience and leads to the positive result you need… Unfortunately, this is no easy thing to get right.

This is why The Sales Lab was created…

The Sales Lab is a Fast Track training course that equips sales presenters with the skills to create and deliver effective, engaging and ultimately successful sales presentations.

The course is built from our suite of presentation training modules, which are all based on the three key stages of presentation creation:

The beauty of Eyeful’s modular training is its fully customisable approach that offers you the flexibility to focus on the specific areas where you need the most support.

One such customised presentation training course was created for Neil Kapoor of Netsuite (a cloud business management software company).

Neil realised that a woefully generic advanced PowerPoint training course just wasn’t going to cut it and so researched the net for a suitable presentation design company for help with Netsuite’s sales presentations.

Here’s what he has to say about the training we put together…

And here’s Eyeful’s CEO Simon Morton explaining how we built Netsuite’s specific Sales Presentation training package…

If Sales Presentations are specifically what you need help with, you can book The Sales Lab online now…

Or we can create you a completely unique training plan that’s bespoke to your needs from our full range of presentation training modules.

Just give us a call on 01455 826390 to find out more.