Each of the modules within this chapter have been created to
strengthen the delivery of your presentation material. We aren't just
"the PowerPoint people"- we offer advice around all of the presentation
tools available to you when presenting and help you to choose the right one
at the right time. We share our wealth of knowledge and insight into the world
of presentations to help you to make the right choices for your next presentation
opportunity. You will learn how to create and design presentation content for
differing presentation scenarios, use the delivery tools effectively
and deliver engaging and impactful business presentations.



Our Presentation Landscape and Blended
module will introduce you to the concept
of the Presentation Landscape, and teach you how to use
it to your advantage when creating future presentations.
learn how to identify where your presentation sits on
the landscape, and how to recognise which is the best
presentation tool to use. This will then lead to
communicating with your audience
with greater impact.



Our PowerPoint Module will let you in on some
of the trade secrets and creation techniques that
Eyeful's leading design team use day in day out. Find out
just what PowerPoint is capable of and learn to master one
of the most influential pieces of technology available today.
We have created our PowerPoint training to cater for those
at basic and advanced levels, tailoring it to your
requirements. You won't just sit and watch,
learning is reinforced as you turn
the theory into practical.


Our Prezi module is the perfect introduction
to those looking at presentation technologies
beyond PowerPoint. Prezi provides an exciting
alternative to slides by spreading content out onto
a giant canvas, zooming into detail, and back out
to show your overview.

One of Prezi's own independent experts will take you through
this training to understand not only the software, but the
mindset and approach to take in order for you to create
the most powerful Prezis possible. This course will
provide you not only with a great insight into
Prezi but how to integrate it into a Blended
Presenting Strategy. In short, you'll be
learning the trade secrets from one
of the best in the business!

Our Whiteboarding module will introduce
you to Blended Presenting techniques, enabling
you to deliver content in a new way as you flow
effortlessly between delivery methods. We'll show you
how to unlock audience interactivity, increase enthusiasm
and create a collaborative environment. Learn how to plan and
structure presentation content purely for the whiteboard
and identify Blended Presenting opportunities.

We'll build your whiteboard presenting confidence,
share trade secrets and teach you how to further
engage with your audiences using story and
visuals in their purest form.


The People Part module is all about you.
This module is a culmination of all of your efforts
so far, what you have been working towards and it all comes
down to this. This is "crunch time". Your message is ready,
your visuals are aligned, the perfect presentation tool is primed
and it is time to deliver.

And the good news is, we won't just give you a presentation
and push you into the spotlight alone.

The People Part will equip you with skills and techniques to communicate your
message and make you shine under the spotlight.

Using your own presentation content, we'll provide real-time feedback to you
ensuring that you learn the art of presentation communication.

As with all things Eyeful, this isn't your standard soft skills training,
as presentation practitioners we go beyond the (sometimes)
obvious 'don't put your hands in your pockets' and 'don't jingle
your change'. We share presentation theory and real-life
practical ways to apply this to your next presentation
opportunity, ensuring that you achieve
the results you deserve.