The training was excellent; it was absolutely what we needed.
We were surprised by how much we learned and the feedback from the team
was very positive, all went away very eager to start creating new presentations
and my own presentations look so much more professional.""

Senior Manager, Healthcare Industry



For so long internal presentation designers have struggled with powerful,
but hugely complex, presentation tools. Any PowerPoint or Prezi creator will testify
to the time burnt late into the evening fiddling with frustrating and fiddly graphics.

For others, presentations are a hugely unprofessional affair, knocked up the night before
and filled with bullet points, because sadly that’s all their creator knows.

The reality is that taking a poorly constructed presentation to an important meeting is like
showing up in your best suit, wearing your oldest trainers...

It’s certainly not putting your best foot forward.

Thankfully, there is a solution...

Forget the overcrowded auditoriums of ‘1 size fits all’ woefully generic advanced PowerPoint training
courses and immerse yourself in The Presentation Technology Lab, where we’ll put the latest and
greatest presentation tools into your hands…

Not only will you get an insight into how to develop effective presentations, Eyeful’s presentation design
experts, who push tools like PowerPoint and Prezi to the limit every day, will share a whole host of
industry secrets and practical advice as they show you how to bring outstanding presentations to life...

The Presentation Technology day begins with a short session based on our full Think, Act & Deliver Presentations Differently ethos, making sure you have
an increased understanding of audience, presentation structure and the true role of Presentation Technology…

Before we put the technology into your hands…

You’ll discover cutting-edge Prezi best practice as well as advanced PowerPoint training as our design experts share their top PowerPoint Powertips, 
showing you  just what’s possible with the world’s leading presentation software.

Learn how to easily manage and securely share your organisation’s presentation content in the cloud…

…before letting you loose with the latest presentation gadgets and tech which will help to put you at ease when it comes to
delivering your own presentations in the future.

The Presentation Technology Lab isn’t just your ticket to the ultimate presentation technology geek-fest; it’ll open your
mind to a whole new world of presentation possibilities in just one day…



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