Every presentation has a lifespan. It starts off as an idea, evolves into a plan (maybe a script of what will be said), then generally a PowerPoint presentation design is created, before finally someone stands up and delivers the presentation. 
This is the moment of truth.

The power now lies with the audience; determining whether the effort has been worth it through either attentively absorbing your key messages, or
softly drifting off into the land of nod.

As Europe's leading presentation design company,
we employ a proven methodology to support you at
every stage of the presentation process.


We begin the Presentation Optimisation™
process by finding out what type of presentation
you’re giving and where you are
on the presentation landscape.

Working out what motivates your audience and what
elements of your story truly resonate with them allows us
to evolve this into a structure with a story flow.


With a strong story structure in a place, you’re now ready
to decide on the best presentation tool or tools for
delivering your presentation.

Where you find yourself on the landscape and
who your audience are will ultimately
determine this…

We do all of the above for you and underpin it
with modular training programmes so you too
learn the value and the processes involved.


Now we move into the visual and design stage.

Our storyboard developer hand draws your slides,
ensuring they are clean, clutter free and with your message
at their core. After you’ve signed these concepts off, our
designers create cutting-edge contemporary and creative visuals
to work within your chosen presentation medium. This might mean developing strong visuals to ensure the power of PowerPoint or developing a series of images to support your Tablet presentation.

In addition, we often support this with Eyeful Lab’s training on all of the different presentation technology options, allowing you to take control of your slides and work with your presentation collateral long into the future.

Whatever the objective, technology or delivery method, you
can rest easy in the knowledge your presentation is being
developed by Europe’s largest, most experienced and
acclaimed presentation design company.


Fret not, we aren't the type of presentation
design company to send you into the abyss alone.

We’ll train you on the skills of how to stop the knees knocking
and confidently deliver your presentation, safe in the knowledge
that your well-honed messages will engage and resonate with your
audience and ultimately deliver on your objectives.

Eyeful’s all round service and support ensures that your
presentation is prepared to the highest standard at
every stage of the process, meaning that at your
moment of truth, you could not be better
placed to attain presentation perfection.