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News broke this week at Microsoft’s Ignite Conference in the US that there will soon be a whole raft of new Office 365 updates that presenters will find interesting…

If you’re spending a little longer tinkering on slides than you should, there may well very soon be a way for your boss to find out….

So if you’re struggling with PowerPoint or Prezi and wasting lots of time, then now might be the right time to brush up on your presentation creation skills.

Spookily, our brand new course The Presentation Technology Lab is just about to launch!

It’s way more than your average Advanced PowerPoint training day… our presentation designers and consultants will reveal, demystify and give you a great handle on all of the latest presentation technology in just 1 day.

The super creatively named TAP will be available in Word and Outlook this September. This handy new feature simply allows you to import elements that you’ve painstakingly created in PowerPoint and in one TAP import them into your Word or Outlook files in a fully editable format. So say goodbye to cut and paste jobs.

Now all you need is to make sure your PowerPoint slides look the business, if only there was an award winning presentation design company around here…

Or maybe not. If you use PowerPoint 2016 you might have noticed how when you insert an image, a tab called PRESENTATION DESIGNER opens up and provides around 5 different, rather cool layout options. At least it would be cool if it ever actually worked in an existing template.

Well this feature is getting an upgrade too and it appears Microsoft have taken inspiration from our April Fool’s Day joke about a fictitious PowerPoint plugin called PIMP MY SLIDE which magically turned bullet points into nicely designed icons…

Well in a similar vein, the update to PRESENTATION DESIGNER now turns bullet points into, erm… Boxes. Which is nice.


The frustrating thing about this is that a bullet point in a box, is still a bullet point. When are Microsoft going to do something about helping people plan and structure their presentations properly?

Thankfully our Fast Track Presentation Training days will do just that. Check them out here

We’ve often mused over how PowerPoint could be smarter in helping presenters with their structure and messaging, and it looks like Microsoft are finally getting the message, with the new QUICKSTARTER button in PowerPoint.

But don’t get too excited…

QUICKSTARTER for PowerPoint and Sway actually will, sort of, help you with the structuring of your presentation…

The theory is… you simply open up PowerPoint, click on the QUICKSTARTER button and then you can search for a topic. Worryingly though, it suggests to “Search for a famous person or historical event” (more on this in a mo)


PowerPoint then searches the internet for related topics, you pick one and PowerPoint automatically suggests some starter slides with relevant content. You are then asked to select the ones you want to create your presentations structure…

…PowerPoint then automatically designs you some basic slides…


As great as this sounds, in my opinion this tool is woefully under developed and there seems to be more questions than answers…

Firstly, the designs don’t look amazing.

Will it work on your template in your look and feel?

Will it create content that relates to specific topics that are suitable to your business and your audience’s requirements?

As the Paris example in the video suggests… at the moment this new button isn’t really useful to anyone other than history students and celebrity journalists.

If you really want your presentations story, structure and messaging to be absolutely spot on, you can forget about automated software templates. You need to talk to one of Eyeful’s consultantsthe real presentation experts…

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