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An Eyeful Case Study

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Eyeful had previously supported this pharmaceutical company over many years, with a range of presentation material: from bespoke pitch presentations through to their general credentials presentation which they shared regularly with prospects, customers and stakeholders alike.

Having already experienced the benefits of Eyeful’s elevated level of service resulting in many successful presentations, when the need arose to upskill their new graduate trainee team, Eyeful was the natural choice to provide the expert support required.

The Challenge

The challenges were two-fold…

Presentation Creep…

Unfortunately, upon reviewing the organisation’s most up-to-date presentation material we identified that a phenomenon we call ‘Presentation Creep’ had found its way into their content.

Presentation Creep is when a powerful presentation (previously optimised by Eyeful) is diluted over time with additional content.

This combination of new slides, new messages and usually low-quality design means the presentation’s critical elements such as the structure, messaging and design all become considerably weakened and less effective.

Presenters with a lack of delivery experience…

This new generation of presenters, whilst being academically well qualified, was inexperienced when it came to delivering high pressure, high stakes pharmaceutical sales presentations.

In a competitive and crowded marketplace, the team struggled to engage with audiences and found it difficult to deliver highly technical and scientific information in a clear and compelling manner.

This resulted in a struggle to build the trust and rapport that is critical in achieving sales, in a competitive industry.

Continual failure had damaged the team’s confidence and the company’s bottom line was suffering. To compound matters, competitors we’re beginning to take advantage … and support was now vital.

Eyeful was ready to help…


Eyeful was brought in to help relieve the pressure, get the story straight and bring a large fragmented sales team together – through a single focused sales message supported by audience-centric collateral. To achieve this goal, we created a four-step process consisting of…

Step 1


We started off by reviewing the presentation experience the graduates were delivering. We listened to their message and analysed the impact from the angle of their audience.

This review helped to formulate an approach that would bring the presentation collateral back in line with our client’s core objectives –ensuring that future engagements would resonate with audiences and gain sales results.

Step 2


A new direction was agreed with the senior sales team leader in an Eyeful Presentation Optimisation™ workshop…

This was a critical aspect of our approach, as there would be little point in providing a team with powerful presenting techniques, only to see them fail in the field with inadequate presentation materials.

We implemented our optimisation process and crafted a powerful new sales presentation which meant the graduate team were now equipped with a highly effective sales asset…

Presentation Optimisation™ is Eyeful’s unique approach to crafting presentations with a compelling story, clearly defined messages and powerful supporting visuals –all of which ensures you deliver an audience-focused presentation which inspires and influences your audience into following your desired call to action.”

Rob Bailey –MD, Eyeful Presentations

Step 3


With confidence fragile and a highly competitive market on the horizon, we carefully identified the most suitable modules from our Think, Act and Deliver Differently training programme…

Our unique modular approach to presentation training is very different, not focusing on basics such as body language, it fundamentally evolves your approach to creating more effective presentations.

We minimised disruption and provided the company’s managing director with the opportunity to act as a critical audience, by running two workshops at the client’s head office.

The first workshop introduced the theoretical elements that underpin our acclaimed Think, Act and Deliver Differently approach as we equipped the team with A Blueprint For New Presentation Thinking.

Techniques such as Audience Heat Mapping provided the team with a way to analyse and profile their audiences, meaning future presentations would build a stronger connection with audiences, something which is seriously lacking in most presentations today.

Our Must Intend Like module helped the team focus on the main objectives of their presentations – meaning their future presentations would stand a much higher chance of success.

A mixture of one-to-one coaching and practical exercises engaged and engrained knowledge as we introduced The Power Of Story and one of the most effective presentation structures, Eyeful’s Audience Pathway Model.

Once the theory was in place, the second workshop focussed on upskilling the team’s presentation delivery skills.

To achieve this, we put the team through a series of rigorous group exercises using real life scenarios.

This placed the presenters into realistic business centric situations such as…

A presentation opportunity to introduce a new product to an existing client with the goal of upselling to the new product…

A meeting with a seemingly happy existing client who is on the verge of signing with a competitor, with a goal of fending off this interest…

You will be a guest speaker at a large pharmaceutical conference with the goal of impressing the audience and positioning your company ahead of the competition also speaking on the day…

By practising in scenarios such as these means the presentation team would be ready for any given situation.

Delivery skills were measured and developed via live video analysis which provided the team with unique insight and a detailed reference point to review in the future.

The Result

We set out to provide a new generation of pharmaceutical presenters with the assets and skills to deliver sales results in the real world. We delivered on this and more.

The organisation now benefits from…


The whole graduate team feel valued and more engaged in the business as a direct result of the company investing in their skillset.

Interestingly, one of the trainees who initially was very cynical about presentation training became a huge advocate for Eyeful and has introduced us to a number of companies within his network.


The team now view sales meetings as a valuable opportunity to engage with audiences, rather than a ‘necessary evil’ of their role.


The sales leader reports that the team have a renewed interest and passion for presentation delivery that shines through in a more confident and authentic delivery…


Happy and confident presenters lead to authentic delivery and successful outcomes. We are reliably informed by the sales leader that the company’s senior management is very pleased with the teams rejuvenated performance and the notable upturn in sales results.

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