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Event and conference presentations are high stakes moments in any marketeer’s annual schedule.  Organising venues, travel and speakers all add to the pressure of delivering an ROI that stands up to scrutiny.  It’s tough.

And then there’s the presentations.  Often left to the last minute, panic sets in as each presenter hastily pulls together their own presentation with little regard to consistency of theme, message, design or even company template.

Endless rewrites and last-minute changes only add to the chaos; with such a huge investment made to organise the conference, you’re left crossing your fingers and hoping that the presentations simply run smoothly. The chances of your audience buying into a consistent message are limited, at best.

It’s ironic, as the presentations are often the main reason for everybody being there.  Whether an internal strategic communication or an industry product launch, the presentations are the culmination and focal point for all of that investment.

At Eyeful, we understand the particular stresses associated with running these events. Let us take the presentation strain so you can concentrate on all of the other factors that will make the event a success.

We can manage the entire presentation process, or provide any of the individual elements – whichever works best for you…

Our presentation designers can develop stunning event templates, themes and visuals which will resonate with your audience.

We can ensure that your speakers deliver a presentation story which connects with your audience and delivers your key messages, through our innovative presentation consultancy services.

We can ensure your presenters are primed and confident to deliver their presentation through our presentation coaching and training support.

And we can provide off-site and on-site support, with our diligent presentation designers ensuring that last-minute changes don’t get missed.

Let the presentation experts not only take the strain but use our experience TO ENSURE YOUR NEXT EVENT DELIVERS THE ROI ALL OF YOUR TIME AND EFFORT DESERVES.




I want to personally thank you for the amazing job you did on our presentations. They look fantastic!!! You guys are so great to work with.

Your concepts were absolutely bang-on!  I am thrilled to present as is, and will let you know which one is the winner 🙂 Thanks again.

Our partners called the deck outstanding! Thanks again for making this happen.
You are the best!!!

Wow!!!! I wish you could see me doing the “happy dance”!!! Love it!!! We cannot thank you enough for doing this so quickly with such a BEAUTIFUL end project. When we asked for sizzle… you heard us!!! THANK YOU!

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