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Eyeful Lens - Sales Edition

Today’s B2B sales cycles have evolved to the point where the part played by the ‘traditional sales presentation’ is almost unrecognisable. Lines have become blurred with multiple decision makers engaged throughout an extended sales process. At each key stage, stakeholders need to be re-engaged, benefits restated and business cases clarified.

This is where the sales presentation plays a vital part…and where Eyeful has made a name for itself within the B2B sales community. Over the last decade, we provided clarity around propositions, delivered powerful visuals and crafted persuasive story structures for countless sales teams.

But in light of the evolution in B2B sales cycles, the challenge remains – how do you keep stakeholders engaged when the formal meetings stop and the internal discussions start? Simply sending a copy of your PowerPoint deck won’t deliver the engagement required.

Paranoia regarding online security means emailing a link to a short video or sending a USB key with information is unlikely to deliver the results that you need.

The emergence of video card technology is an eye-catching medium that allows sales people to engage remote and time-poor stakeholders in a different way.

Frustratingly, there’s a sizable snag – the investment in production of the cards and creation of the videos means that short runs/single copies are typically cost prohibitive for individual deals. Determined to address this issue, we set to work on figuring a way that this technology could be used by our clients. The answer is Eyeful Lens – Sales Edition.

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We’ve developed a production process that allows salespeople to cost effectively create targeted video mailers for individual stakeholders quickly and easily. The development process pulls upon the principles of Eyeful’s acclaimed Presentation Optimisation methodology to deliver powerful messaging incorporating engaging graphics and persuasive story structures…all delivered through a high impact branded video card, the Eyeful Lens. The applications for sales are numerous:



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