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Ensuring you connect with your audience

Eyeful are a PowerPoint design agency with a difference…we love creating great-looking presentations, but we also know that design alone will not deliver the results you need.

We take presentation design seriously for one very simple reason – we understand the vital role that powerful visuals can play in connecting a presenter with their audience.

Our presentation designers know just how to bring a presentation story to life, stretching software such as PowerPoint to its limit to produce stunning results.

However, we are not a standard PowerPoint design agency; we also recognise that great presentation design is more than applying a little bit of ‘fairy dust’ to a set of slides – ‘slides that rock’ are of no value if they fail to deliver your message.

What we term ‘Valuable Visuals’ come from understanding the purpose of your presentation, and applying design that reinforces your message to create a lasting point of reference for your audience to take with them.

We understand that truly great presentation designers think beyond the confines of PowerPoint or Prezi – valuable visuals come in all shapes and sizes, from infographics and videos, interactive pdfs to toolkit presentations. All extremely effective when used in the right circumstance.

Which presentation format you choose should never be limited to what you have in your design drawer, but instead be determined by how your audience wants to receive their visual information (and what will best engage them).

So, when it comes to presentation design, we’re passionate about going beyond “pretty”, obvious or cliched – we’re a PowerPoint design agency that thinks differently.

Our presentation designers focus on ensuring a connection between you and your audience.

Then, and only then, do presentation visuals become truly valuable.




I want to personally thank you for the amazing job you did on our presentations. They look fantastic!!! You guys are so great to work with.

Your concepts were absolutely bang-on!  I am thrilled to present as is, and will let you know which one is the winner 🙂 Thanks again.

Our partners called the deck outstanding! Thanks again for making this happen.
You are the best!!!

Wow!!!! I wish you could see me doing the “happy dance”!!! Love it!!! We cannot thank you enough for doing this so quickly with such a BEAUTIFUL end project. When we asked for sizzle… you heard us!!! THANK YOU!

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